About Us

About Us

Relaunched in 2021, Haus of Dittmer aims to bring elements from historical dress into a modern, wearable wardrobe. We are not in the business of making costumes, our products are designed to be worn to the office, the grocery store, a dinner party, your pick. Amongst our products you'll find reproductions and reinterpretations. History and history bounding. Where history meets modernity.



Why does it take so long to ship?

We are a small team creating all of our products by hand. We don't have a factory, we have a dining room table and a desk or two. We also are not currently at a size where we keep stock on hand, so everything is made to order save a rare exception. We also don't keep fabric around very long, and this all increases lead times. We apologize for any and all delays, we hope to get to a size where we can keep fabric and stock on hand, but that day is not today. If you are wondering about the current estimated lead time for a product, feel free to shoot us a dm on instagram.


Why are prices so high?

We try to keep prices low! However, we use only all natural materials, and I pay my workers a living wage for their work.


All natural fibers?

Well, yes and no. At this time all embroidery work is done using polyester thread solely because I have so much polyester embroidery thread that came with my machine, and I need to use it. As I do more and more embroidery, however, I will dwindle down my stash of thread and need to replace it with, hopefully, natural alternatives.